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Tree Service News in Grand Rapids - February 12, 2013

As a Grand Rapids tree service, we see a bit of everything when it comes to tree issues. A big one recently has been blowovers, or tall trees that have been uprooted by the wind. This occurs often in pine trees and evergreens. The root systems in these trees is often more shallow and less extensive than the roots of hardwood trees like Oak and Maple. The result is a lot of pine trees laying on the ground after high wind like we had a few weeks ago. Customers have asked, "Can't we just tip the tree back upright and anchor it somehow?" I try to be honest and say, "yes, we probably COULD do that. However, the cost would be three times the price of removing the fallen tree. And there is no guarantee that a tree will survive after being uprooted. In fact, they often do not."
With that said, our tip this week is this: if you live in Grand Rapids, and you need a tree service to remove a fallen tree, call Muller Tree Services. We will give you the lowest possible price for tree removal, and give you some options to replant and replace the tree that you lost! Thank you, friends. That's it for this week.

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