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Tree Service News in Grand Rapids - Feb, 2013

Hello Grand Rapids residents! Spring tree trimming and removal season is just around the corner. Just as the groundhog takes an early peek outside, so do us homeowners. When the deep freeze loosens its icy grip, we start to look towards the sky again. Our trees have been dormant all winter, and will be waking up soon! Early spring is a great time for tree trimming and pruning dead or hazardous branches. Trees absorb a tremendous amount of water in the spring, and much of that weight translates to new leaves and buds. However, it is much easier to see problem areas in your trees before the thick summer foliage has taken hold. So, if you have been considering having tree trimming or tree removal done, now is a good time. Call the best tree service in Grand Rapids! Don't forget to give us a +1 on our Google+ page, Muller Tree Services. Thank you, we hope to hear from you soon!

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