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tree service news in Grand Rapids

Hello everyone! Happy February 7th. The groundhog saw his shadow this year, so buckle up for a few more weeks of winter wonder. Be aware, this snow system that is moving in is supposed to bring the type of snow that is wet and heavy. If you have tree branches that were already weak, dead, or broken, this type of snow will sometimes add enough stress to break them loose. Be aware of where your cars are parked. Often, cars take the first hit because they are parked under hazardous tree branches. Take a minute or two to look at the trees around your home or yard. If you can see branches or trees that are obviously problematic, give us a call! Winter is a great time to work on trees in Michigan. They are naturally dormant and somewhat dehydrated from the fall drying-out and leaf dropping process. Often, cold temperatures can reduce the moisture loss and overall shock to a tree from trimming and pruning. Thank you all for checking us out! If you would like to visit a job site, we will be in East Grand Rapids again this week, then next week in Caledonia. Check the website for exact locations, in the "where are we" or "find us" section. Take care, Michiganders.

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