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Dedication to tree job in Ada, Michigan

We are dedicated to our customers in a way that sets us apart from other tree companies. We love what we do and let our customers know it. Our dedication makes every tree cutting job a memorable experience. We carry the knowledge that we have learned from many years of tree experience to our customers.


Integrity motto pix for Arborists in Grand Rapids

Integrity is a concept we take very seriously. It stands for the consistency of actions, values, principles, expectations, methods, measures, and outcomes. Without it we would not have customers. It is the foundation of our treeservice. Our customers will witness it in all out tree removal practices. Its a promise that stands with all our tree work.


Efficiency motto pix for tree removal agency in Caledonia

One value we promise in tree care is executing our tree removals with efficiency. We have a system that works 100% of the time through many tree removal jobs over the years. Timely tree work done ,and done right, is a major core value of ours. Don't believe us? see customer testimonials of tree cutting jobs in the Grand Rapids area.

Muller Tree Cutting jobs 2012

We provide tree cutting services in many different areas in West Michigan. Here are polls that compare all our customer locations in 2012

Grand Rapids Area 46%

Caledonia 22%

East Grand Rapids 10%

Cascade 15%

Holland 3%

Other 4%

Testimonial A

John took down several large dead ash trees in my front yard that were in difficult locations. Their removal required considerable skill. John was very professional and courteous with the rate quite reasonable. I definitely will be hiring them again.
--Tim C.

Testimonial B

"Working with John and his father was great. They are very polite courteous and professional. There services are very affordable and did more than was expected when it came to clean up after the job was done. Thanks guys, I would definitely recommend Muller Tree Services to a friend"
--Jesse W.

Testimonial C

"Muller Tree Services did a great job quickly! They also had the best quote. Great communication and customer service. I would strongly recomend them. "
--Erich T.